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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial vehicles make money for many businesses in California. They are built precisely to match an owner’s business needs and are efficient and helpful for many businesses. However, the many benefits commercial vehicles offer to a business can be scratched out with one accident. It would help if you had insurance to back you up for any future financial risk.

At Galt Insurance, we have in-depth knowledge and experience handling several insurance policies for individuals and businesses, and we know the hurdle that comes with uninsured vehicles. Your loss or damage won’t be paid for, and if your vehicle is involved in any property damage or causes injury to someone, your business will be held responsible for that. You don’t want to lose everything you have worked hard for in the blink of an eye. Let us help you!

Our commercial auto insurance can protect you from unwarranted claims and liabilities, so you don’t have to be stressed out. We will cover medical payments for personal injuries, loss of earnings, collisions, and emergency roadside assistance.

We do our best to protect business assets, employees, and owners from loss or physical damage. It’s essential to know that your employee’s insurance doesn’t cover any harm or damage arising when using your vehicle for business purposes. This is another important reason you need to protect your business; get insurance today to avoid losing it overnight.

We are here to make sure you continue in business. Call us now at (209) 264-2699.

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